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Giulia Marzetti

European Commission | EE 30Under 30 Board Member 

Working with Omnia has been a truly enriching and powerful experience..

Omnia as a coach posses a rare empathy and the ability to make everyone feel at ease. Her communication, leadership and storytelling skills are superb and even experienced people can learn from Omnia's trainings. Working with Omnia has been a truly enriching and powerful experience and l would recommend her for anyone looking to reach their full potential.

Rachel O'Connor

Senior/Lead User Researcher

Working with her I felt safe, but also in really great hands..

As someone who is building a coaching business I had dabbled with putting myself out there, but always retreated for fear of not presenting myself well. Ultimately I know that if I didn't I wasn't going to get very far. I needed help. And then Omnia came into my life. She is one of the warmest, most beautiful people you could ever meet. One of the most encouraging and supportive. And she knows her stuff, she is really such an outstanding public speaker. So working with her I felt safe, but also in really great hands. If you are thinking about working with her I would say go for it. Not only will your speaking skills grow but so will you as a person.

Sasha Tarasova

Personal Coach

She helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and fears..

Omnia is a wonderful and knowledgeable coach. Under her supportive guidance I went from terrible fear of public speaking and forgetting words to delivering a short but powerful speech on Zoom in just 4 weeks!

She helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and fears, and managed to change public speaking from terrifying to fun. I would recommend anyone to work with Omnia!

About Your Coach
Omnia Eteyari

The founder of Oratoriia, with 15 years’ experience in multiple fields, cultures, and environments. After earning her B.E. certificate as an architect, she gained her corporate experience working 5 years with "The German Railways" in 4 different countries. Then spent the next 10 years building businesses, leading initiatives, creating curriculums, and advising, consulting, and coaching individuals and organizations on business and communication.

Through Oratoriia, Omnia helps leaders who are challenged with communication and public speaking gain their self-confidence and provide them with tools and methods to become effective communicators and impactful leaders.

Toastmaster Competent Communicator | Serial Entrepreneur | Business Advisor | Communication & Public Speaking Coach