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What is the Fundamental Stage?


You are now starting the Fundamental Stage at Oratoriia. As we mentioned before, this stage consists of 3 levels covering the most essential elements of public speaking. Here is a brief description of the Fundamental stage:

Level 1: Debut

it’s where you will make your first appearance on the public speaking floor, warm-up, and learn how to structure your speech the right way to make the maximum impact on the audience;

Level 2: What to Say?

In this second level, you will learn how to define the purpose you seek to achieve, and build a powerful speech accordingly. you will also learn the art of understanding the audience and tailoring your speech to them. At this level, you are challenged to think deep within yourself and be innovative. 

Level 3: How to Say It?

at the third level you will learn how to purposefully speak with your body and use your vocal variety to its fullest capacity in order to deliver an expressive and interesting speech. 

Throughout this stage, you will be delivering prepared speeches, holding leadership roles, and practicing improvisational speaking. 

By the end of this stage, you would have learned and practiced the most essential skills you need in public speaking, and became comfortable preparing and delivering powerful and impactful speeches, and you will be entitled to receive your first certificate: The Dynamic Orator Certificate.

As you finish, you will be ready to enter the next stage, with more advanced and more exciting lessons and activities.