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If you have selected Fear or Discomfort, we are here to tell you that “You Are Not Alone”. The fear of Public Speaking or “Glossophobia” is completely normal, and it’s very common. In fact, studies have shown that more than 75% of the people on our planet share these feelings with you. And usually, it’s not just a feeling, there are some physical symptoms associated with it: some people have a dry mouth, some feel nausea and may panic, and some may lose track of what they were about to say.

Where does this fear come from?

Researches has found that there are two main reasons that are the basis of any fear a person can feel:

  1. The fear of the unknown
  2. The fear of failure

In public speaking, both are usually combined. A person can be fearing the unknown situation they will be in, the unknown audience, the unknown performance they will be giving; and they will very much fear failing in delivering their speech and the consequences that come as a result of this failure.

I will tell you a secret, I also used to fear public speaking, whenever I had to speak in public, my heart beats faster and my legs shake so much that I am more afraid of falling in front of everyone than my fear of speaking in front of them. Even when I’m in a meeting, and I have this wonderful idea to share, just the thought of speaking while everyone else is quiet could make me so uncomfortable that I would back off, and give up on speaking.

But you know what? I don’t have these feelings anymore. After taking on the mission to learn and continue to practice public speaking, step by step, all the symptoms disappeared, and the only feeling I now have when I’m about to speak in public is excitement for the opportunity to share my thoughts with others and make my voice heard.

And if I could overcome this fear, so can you. The strategy is by reducing and working towards eliminating both: The fear of the unknown (by making it known), and the fear of failure (by training for success).

To do that, all you need is the four elements of success: 

  • Willingness
  • Determination
  • Supportive environment 
  • The right path.

Being an Orator at Oratoriia, means that you’ve got the willingness, and we provide you here with the supportive environment and guide you to the right path. What is needed from you now is (Determination), which equals to continuous effort and consistency. When fulfilling this equation, you will see how your discomfort and fear will slowly vanish.

Now, let’s put all fear aside, and focus on what’s beyond. In the next video: