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Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Our values

One important subject we need to agree on before we start the journey, is the
Oratoriia has 4 main values that we expect every Orator to have consent on
and follow:

  1. Integrity:
    Orators are ORIGINAL, original means we produce our own speeches
    and never use other people’s content but ethically.
  2. Respect
    • for oneself:
    Orators are all SPECIAL each in their own way. We understand
    that everyone makes mistakes. As an Orator, I never put
    myself down and never underestimate my capabilities. I also
    don’t allow comparisons with others to discourage me, as I
    always remember, I AM SPECIAL in my own way.
    • for others:
    from attentive listening to treating every other Orator as best
    as I wish to be treated, I owe everyone my respect and
    everyone owes me theirs.
  3. Community Service
    • Encouragement:
    and PULLING each other up when in need, we all thrive as a
    healthy and strong community.
    • Support:
    Oratoriia is a POWER COMMUNITY. When someone is in need
    of assistance, we take the initiative to help them as much as
    we can.
  4. Commitment
    • to one’s goals:
    being an Orator is to commit to one’s success through
    dedication, consistency and excelling.
    • to the community:
    each Orator is a player in shaping the community and
    keeping it healthy and strong for one’s self and for all.
As an Orator, I will be DEVOTED and abide by these values.