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What You Get as a Leader With Oratory Skills


You see, all the amazing feelings generated from your imagination can be true. This is our mission, but it’s not just about the great feeling we receive out of being good public speakers, in fact, if we attempt to count them, the benefits of mastering the skills of public speaking are limitless. Such a skill can transform people’s lives no matter their age or the path they choose to take. But for leaders, it’s considered mandatory.

Here, we have summarized these benefits in 5 main points that we believe are of most relevance to you:

Boosting your confidence

When you are a leader, being confident is essential and the loss of confidence at any situation could harm both your position and your self-esteem. Mastering the oratory skills can help you boost your confidence in three ways:

  1. Overcoming the fear: Not only the fear of speaking in public, but the overall obsession of what everyone would think of you, which in many ways forms a strong boundary that stops you from doing what you believe is right.
  2. Self satisfaction: by doing your best and learning how to accept short falls. Everyone makes mistakes, but those who know how to do it right, and do everything they can to achieve it, can accept their own mistakes and learn from them.
  3. More respect: As an aspiring leader, you have great ideas and thoughts that are worth sharing. Sharing them in an effective way will help you become a more respected leader. The more respect you get, the more confident you become!!

Increasing your consciousness of time and environment

A leader understands the importance of time, and understanding the environment they are in. Learning and practicing the oratory skills helps you increase your consciousness through the following:

  1. Understanding your audience better: You learn how to assess your audience, understand their pain and desires to tailor the right message for them.
  2. Gaining organizational skills: You learn how to organize your thoughts and speech in a way that suits your time and the message you want to send.
  3. Being conscious of time: by saying the most in the least time, public speaking skills help you focus on the important elements in your message and remove everything that does not add value to it.

Personal and professional growth

Public Speaking skills help you grow in many aspects, personally and professionally. Some of these aspects include:

  1. Growing your network: we all know how important networks are for leader’s success. When you learn how to speak so people would listen, you have an effective tool in your hand to help you grow your network, and gain the maximum benefit from every event you attend.
  2. Listening and feedback: As a leader, you are expected to listen and give feedback frequently. In your journey at Oratoriia, besides giving speeches, you will be practicing these two skills intensively.
  3. Research skills: With Public Speaking skill, you will increase your research skills considerably, as the more speeches you make, the more research you’ll have to do in order to deliver your message in the best manner.

Discovering yourself

When we are too focused on what we are doing, be it business, civic activism, etc ., we often forget to communicate internally. Public speaking helps you know more about yourself in ways you wouldn’t expect, for example:

  1. Reflecting on your life journey: As a leader, you are often asked to talk about yourself, talk about your past and what led you to who you are today. This is usually a great opportunity to dig into your life’s journey, put it into phases, and find the life changing moments that helped shape who you are today.
  2. Unleashing your potentials: The more you do, the more you discover you are able to do. This is a role in everything and is absolutely true about public speaking. The more you speak in public, practicing using body language and vocal variety, throwing toasts, podcasting, delivering classes, .. the more you will find that you are able to accomplish.
  3. Forming a style and building charisma: Many believe that an attractive charisma is an important element for leaders. When you speak more in public, communicate more with the world, you will slowly start forming your own unique style, and your charisma will shine more and more every time you have to speak.

A foundation for leadership

From all the benefits we talked about, it becomes clearer that public speaking skills are a foundation for leadership. It gives you the tools to inspire, persuade, and drive change. It also helps you become a better leader, by being a better listener, a better mentor, and a better communicator.

And the more you practice it, the more confident, charismatic, conscious, and respected leader you would become.

In conclusion:

“To be a good leader, you need to be a good public speaker.”